DepEd cautions teachers groups on defamatory allegations

The Department of Education has given their official statement on the issues between them and teachers in Manila. According to the spokesperson for the department of education, he noted that there is no official and legally registered group that was functioning on behalf of teachers in the country.

The department said they have been noticing a rise in publications by different groups, stating that they represent the choice and views of public school teachers across the country.

As a result of statements flying around by certain groups, the DepEd cautions teachers groups to be careful of the type of allegations they will level against DepEd.

DepEd still working on safe modalities

Last week, there were calls by some certain teacher groups in the country over the unfavorable terms of the resumption order in schools.

The ACT were the front runners in the groups that kicked against the order stating that even if they are to resume, they want a sit down to discuss how better modalities will be put in place to aid a safe resumption.

Going forward, the groups claimed that all the teachers had agreed to have the modalities reviewed in the union, the publication said. 

The department of education noted that employees have the right to form or join organizations that will benefit them according to Executive Order No 180 created on June 1, 1987.

The department further noted that as long as the group is working on for the safety and betterment of the members’ lives and not trying to form a dangerous alliance, then they are allowed under the law.

As a result of this order, the DeEd cautions teachers groups to desist from defamatory allegations against them, noting they are working to provide safe resumption modalities.

DepEd cautions teachers groups on unreasonable claims

The department further noted that since the group has to consist of members chosen by a large number of the teaching force, they said no group or union is allowed to make such claims.

DepEd cautions teachers groups and noted that since the organization lacks a legal backing, they have been trying to solicit for support from parents as well as different organizations ranging from public to private, and NGOs inclusive.

They know and are aware that the BE-LCP program is the best way to still provide students with quality education amid the pandemic that is threatening the peace of the world, the department of education added. 

As the department is gearing up for students’ resumption for the new 2020/21 school year, which is set to start on August 24, the DepEd noted that they would continue to provide quality education for children.

Stressing about the safety of the students and teachers amid the pandemic, the DepEd cautions teachers groups on making unreasonable claims. The department assures all concerned that safety preparations for teachers are prioritized.