DepEd employees to receive 2 months worth of salary and other monetary benefits

The Department of Education is working on the early release of DepEd employee salaries for March and April.

Salary for DepEd employees will be prioritized

In an announcement from the Department of Education Philippines, the department is already working out ways to hasten the release of DepEd employee’s salary for the months of March and April. In addition, they are also considering the addition of monetary incentives such as Performance-Based Bonuses from 2018, uniform allowance, and hazard pay for those who are still working despite the virus outbreak.

DepEd employees are not limited to teachers and school administrators; it includes school staff, researchers, utility, and maintenance. Whether regular positions or contractual, they will be provided with the appropriate compensation.

According to Undersecretary Annalyn Sevilla of the Department of Education:

In our recent meeting with the regional directors, we have discussed about prioritizing an early release of employee salaries.

Financial stability amid crisis

The department admitted that the early budget release will be a long winding road since it will still pass through the deregulations of the Regional School Divisions and the Department of Budget and Management. But, they will be trying their very best to request the funds, so that employees can purchase the essentials they need at a crisis like this.

The declaration of the President of a state of calamity in the country may help hasten the release of the funds since the declaration allows the government to procure funds intended for various government expenses.

With almost a million of DepEd employees under the supervision of the department, it will have some setbacks as expected. But, nonetheless, we will treat this with utmost urgency while still following financial guidelines imposed by other government agencies involved.

The department is encouraging its employees to budget wisely their salaries upon release, not knowing the full extent of the COVID-19 outbreak might cause to the economy of the country.


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