DepEd, challenged to conduct online learning in far-flung areas in the provinces

ACT Teachers representative wants DepEd to exhibit the effectiveness of online learning in far-flung areas.

Online learning in far-flung areas

Representative France Castro of ACT-Teachers Party-list is challenging the Department of Education Secretary, Leonor Briones, to go facilitate the proposed online learning in far-flung areas to see the actual situation on the ground.

The DepEd has proposed for blended learning as schools reopen this August. The main framework of blended learning is mostly focused on online learning. In addition, for those who do not have access to online learning, they are given printed out materials from the online modules. Television and radio stations are also tapped to air class lessons on specific air time schedules per grade level.

In line with this, Castro stressed out that the blended learning system can be dysfunctional for some sectors, such as students from far-flung provinces and poor areas.

It is not right to assume that students can learn from themselved just by following the printed out modules. Even so, rely on parents to teach their children on the lessons they have in hand.

In poor areas, most of the parents do lack the proper education from their younger years. Most likely, they are not capable of guiding their children on their bring home learning modules. This presents a big problem in the learning development of students from the poor sector.

DepEd must step up their game as Augusts draws near

The DepEd will also conduct seminars and training for teachers and parents to help them guide students under online learning in far-flung areas.

The department should increase staff and personnel to help support students that will be gravely affected by the lack of access to distance learning, added Castro.

The Department of Education is also procuring additional tablets, laptops, and gadgets to be used for distance learning. The agency is also looking into better alternatives for those who really do have difficulty in accessing distance learning.

On a side note, the agency should make sure that the procured gadgets go to the right recipients. Teachers and students without gadgets for distance learning should be the priority. DepEd should be wary as images of DepEd staff from regional provinces possessing DepEd provided gadgets surface on social media.