Digital skills added to special education curriculum in Singapore

Four schools in Singapore have announced that they will be improving their curriculum by adding primary digital education for the students. According to the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), the decision to upgrade the curriculums of four special education institutions in Singapore comes after a test run with about seventy students was completed earlier this year.

The changes in the curriculum will introduce education on essential digital skills, like sending emails and paying bills online. The idea behind these changes is to give children the basic skills they need to be able to perform everyday tasks once they leave school.

According to the principle of one of the participating schools, these changes are more than necessary as Singapore is moving towards becoming a Smart Nation. If children with special learning needs are not taught digital essentials they will feel even more neglected in the future. 

Digital skills education in Singapore

In order to provide the children with the necessary skills, the government has also implemented a virtual reality game in the curriculum. While the country has to deal with a number of problems regarding the educational system, like the high levels of stress students face, the development of digital education is on point. 

Improving the digital skills of children with learning disabilities is not only forward-thinking on the government’s part, but also an incredible way to make these kids feel included. The world is becoming more digital by the minute and everyone deserves a chance to take advantage of new technologies, including students with learning disabilities.