Korean transgender student declines offer into an all-women university

The first Korean transgender student to qualify for an all-women university canceled her application at the last minute of enrollment.

The First Korean transgender student in an all-women university

A Korean transgender student who preferred to be anonymous was given an offer of admission into an all-women university in South Korea. This was the first-ever instance that a Korean transgender student was given this kind of opportunity.

But, the university’s gesture gained the ire from several students and parents of the institution. Reports mentioned aggressive opposition from current students of the university.

Sookmyung Women’s University allowed the respondents application into the university after complying with the requirement for a court recognition on her gender reassignment. The student had the surgery for gender reassignment in Thailand last August 2019, and her application for recognition was approved in October by a South Korean court. That gives her all the legalities to apply for any all-women university she wishes to.

The discrimination was way too much

The student’s drive to pursue law was said to be inspired by another successful Korean attorney, Park Han-hee. Park is the first transgender attorney in South Korea who underwent a gender reassignment surgery.

I really felt that I shouldn’t disregard myself because of what other people thought of me. It inspired me to become a lawyer and help bring justice to socially disadvantaged people.

But, the amount of pressure and hate coming out from the students at Sookmyung Women’s University has shaken her. According to the 22-year-old:

As a mature person, the fear of the unknown drives out the curiosity in us. But, when you sense an intense feeling of hatred and disgust, you should also learn to distance yourself.

The majority of the students of the university demanded the revocation of her admission and future transgender student applicants. She decided to discontinue her admission to the university out of fear to fight against massive opposition. She is set to apply for other colleges next year.