Doctors in India will soon be reinforced by new passers from the AIIMS selection

All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) will supply new doctors in India to help fight off the COVID-19 outbreak.

AIIMS announced its list of passers for junior resident positions

The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) just released its list of qualified candidates for the junior resident positions offered by the institute. The candidates are a bit anxious about the results after taking the interview part of the qualification process.

The AIIMS is also reconsidering at least 32 candidates, putting them in the waiting list, as the COVID-19 outbreak unfolds. Anytime, if the call to action for additional doctors arises, then those from the waiting list will be filled in for additional workforce.

The results of the junior resident post came out 14-days after the interview part was completed last February 29. Forty-seven applicants were selected from the screening and are expected to report immediately to fill in the lack of doctors in India.

Lack of doctors in India

Last March 15, the Indian Council of Medical Research announced that the rising cases of COVID-19 positive patients make the outbreak in India as a crisis of national concern. The lack of testing kits and doctors in India makes it very difficult for the health sector to stand up against the spread of the virus.

The former policy in India regarding the use of testing kits for COVID-19 is restricted to those who had a history of traveling overseas. But, with a recent case with exposure to several individuals before being diagnosed as a positive, the government feared that local transmission is highly possible now.

A community doctor, Dr. Yogesh Jain, expressed his disappointment with how the deceased patient was treated by the hospitals he went into before dying.

On an outbreak like this, why would you release a patient after taking his samples without confirming the severity of his case. This led him to seek help from another hospital which caused more contact and transmition of the virus.

The lack of doctors in India that are functional to treat and diagnose the virus makes it more difficult for the country to win the battle against COVID-19. Now that local transmission is highly likely after the patient was confirmed positive of the virus, it will be much more difficult to trace and contain the contacts he had before passing away. Even his family came out positive of COVID-19, a heartbreaking story for India’s medical community.


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