Dutch Edtech Company raises $385k for expansion

LessonUp, an Edtech company based in Hague, has an ambitious plan of expanding globally. They currently have over 250,000 lessons for primary and secondary students.  

LessonUp is looking to expand abroad after an investment of $385,000 from peak capital. The Edtech company, which started in 2015, is a platform that offers teachers and students a resource center where they can find teaching and learning digital materials.

In the last two years, the platform has been able to compile a collection of more than 250,000 free lessons which can be used directly in class by teachers or by students, publishers, museums, and nonprofits in their studies. The platform targets students and teachers in primary and secondary education.

The Edtech company expansion plans

The injection of funds into the startup will also go into expanding the team working in LessonUp. The company also highlighted its intentions of expanding abroad to help more teachers and students get access to learning materials.

Kars Veling, CTO and one of the founders of LessonUp, explained that the internet has made it easier to access learning materials for teachers and students. He highlighted that the internet would enable the Edtech company to reach out to as many students as possible. He also explained that teachers would be able to share their content on the platform and have a wider audience who appreciates their work.

Veling continued by saying,

When we started LessonUp, we mainly tried to solve the problem that it takes a serious amount of time to develop a fun and interactive lesson. Our solution was simple: we created a place where teachers could find inspiration and resources from colleagues everywhere, instead of reinventing the wheel over and over again.

The Hague based Edtech company’s efforts have paid off as more teachers are embracing the platform and integrating it into their classes. The company aims at creating a platform where one teacher will be able to have a class of 200,000 students from all over the world and be able to teach simultaneously.


Featured image by Unsplash