$170B e-learning market in Nigeria sorely untapped

The worldwide e-learning market estimated to be worth at least $170 has not been fully tapped in Nigeria. This is despite the fact it has emerged to be one of the countries in Africa to have considerably embraced internet usage.

Infrastructural difficulties have instigated the gap seen in Nigeria. Moreover, a substantial technological knowledge gap is witnessed in this nation. This has made the sale and creation of online contents cumbersome. 

E-learning market challenges

Technology has considerably transformed modern life. Nevertheless, a precise knowledge base about this sector is necessitated for prosperity purposes. 

Nigeria has been facing this challenge because part of its populace is not well accustomed to different technological innovations.

As a result, the e-learning market in Nigeria has remained untapped in spite of its significant potential

Techpreneurs have acknowledged the presence of a trend, whereby people across the globe are favoring e-learning as compared to traditional learning methods. This has been instigated by the many benefits rendered, such as minimal costs and convenience. 

Nigeria, therefore, needs to strategically position itself so that it can considerably tap into the e-learning market. 

Worrying e-learning market trend

According to Stephanie Obi, the founder of TrainQuarters, it is worrying to see Nigeria not benefitting from the e-learning market estimated to be worth nearly $331B by 2025. 

She noted that Nigeria ought to embrace other countries as they are considerably benefitting from this sector and learn about steps to developing its e-learning market.

Obi proclaimed that Nigeria should propel its capability of monetizing content as this will be an ideal strategy of penetrating the lucrative e-learning sector. 

Additionally, she asserted that the financial gains from this industry could help enhance the living standards of all Nigerians, whereas the online courses offered could bridge the vast education gap witnessed.

E-learning market has proven to be lucrative. Notably, this trend has been propelled by some of the technologies utilized, such as cloud-based computing

This is because cloud-based computing is hardware intensive, and this technology can provide a faster way through which the users of the system of these e-learning platforms can be able to access their materials with ease.