Early childhood education brightens 2.5k lives

Early childhood education will be provided to children in Birmingham under the auspices of Bloomberg Philanthropies. Birmingham has been chosen as one of the five cities in the United States participating in an initiative similar to Providence Talks.

The Providence Talks initiative was first launched as a program aiming to help secure early childhood education for those between one and three years old, in the Providence area. However, the idea behind this initiative has now spread to numerous cities and states in America, and Bloomberg is helping in developing such programs.

Early childhood education for 2,500 toddlers for 3 years

Birmingham talks is a project aiming at providing early childhood education for pupils in the area. The initiative aims at bringing lessons and educational activities to more than 2,500 toddlers and small children over the course of three years.

Birmingham’s focus on early childhood education has increased significantly, as a result of  The Overton Project. According to participants in this project, one of the essential requirements for Birmingham to foster educated young adults is a serious emphasis on early childhood development and learning. Consequently, city authorities found it reasonable to participate in the Bloomberg What Works Cities initiative to try and replicate the success of projects like Providence Talks.

Building the foundations for later success

Early childhood education has one goal – building the foundations for later success in the education aspect of children’s lives. 

Initiatives for bettering the quality of education the smallest pupils receive are happening all over the world. An example is a recent effort by the United Kingdom government to open more spaces in nurseries, for children all over the country.

Starting the educational process at the earliest of age is beneficial not only to the children themselves but to parents as well.

The Birmingham Talks initiative is a commendable step forward in the development and popularization of early childhood education in the United States, and hopefully, this enthusiasm will spread globally.