Executive MBA program can land you a $232,663 per year job

Executive Masters of Business Administration graduates reported a salary of $232,663 after graduation. Forty percent also reported being promoted while still undertaking the program.

The Executive MBA (EMBA) has continued to gain popularity, which has seen an increase of 31.6 percent of students enrolling in the program in 2019 than in 2015. This has been attributed to the flexibility and an almost assurance that after graduation, there will be a salary increase.

Executive MBA is gaining ground compared to an MBA

In comparison with the MBA, the Executive MBA is gaining ground compared to an MBA, which has been on the decline over the last few years. The average age of students earning their MBA is around 28 years. EMBA, however, is about 38 years and mostly attracts individuals who already have carriers and an average of 14 years of experience in their fields. Therefore, this program can attract a large pool of potential students compared to the MBA.

There is also the assurance of an increase in salaries. The EMBA earners mostly do pursue the program to be promoted or their wages increased. This is because they already have a carrier that they are trying to advance.

$205,008 per year before enrolling in the program

Executive MBA Council (EMBAC) research data from 2,390 graduates of Executive MBA showed that their salaries increased by 13.5 percent. The research was also able to determine that, on average, those who were pursuing this degree were earning $205,008 per year before enrolling in the program. This, however, changed to $232,663 per year after they graduated from the program, an increase attributed to the attainment of the Executive MBA.

The data also showed that around 40 percent of those who were in the process of earning an Executive MBA received promotion while still in school. This is very encouraging for students who would love to be promoted from their current positions.

Currently, the total cost of studying an Executive MBA is around $86,000. This pricing may put a lot of potential students away from the program but its benefits are tremendous. It also attracts people with business experience who are vastly knowledgeable about how a business is run.


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