Educare now offering free courses as a response to school closures

Educare will be offering more than half a dozen courses for free during the coronavirus lockdown period. This comes amid increased closure of schools and workers being advised to work from home. The platform will also include the latest news on coronavirus pandemic, keeping its users up to date with the latest information about the pandemic.

School closures due to coronavirus pandemic have led to Educare announcing that it will be offering some of its courses for free. The courses will focus on the duty of safeguarding and caretaking training for specialists.

The courses will also focus on how to care for the children who have been forced to stay at home due to coronavirus pandemic. This will involve the safety and health measures of taking care of children using SEND and ASN.

Educare courses offered

Parental responsibilities during this pandemic will also be offered as a course. This will ensure that parents can take care of their children, educate them and nurture them. The course is also designed to help parents deal with the strenuous environment of working at home and helping kids do their homework while juggling between house chores and parental duties.

Risk assessment for school trips will also be offered as a course. The course will help parents and teachers adjust post coronavirus pandemic. It will also help in better planning and organization of school trips once the schools reopen.

Complex law-breaking tasks faced by parents and teachers

Other courses being offered by Educare are antifraud, bribery and corruption, cybersecurity, working with display equipment and search screen and confiscate for schools. These courses will deal with more complex law-breaking tasks faced by parents and teachers daily.

Cybersecurity, for instance, will prepare parents and teachers on the dangers they face while navigating through the internet. It will also help in detecting online frauds, analyzing different types of online security compromises and also will have detail on how you can safeguard against such attacks.

Educare also indicated that in addition to the courses they are offering, they would also have the latest news on coronavirus pandemic and what is trending around the world. This will help users of the app to keep updated with the latest information and health tips around the clock. It also helps with keeping users busy during this quarantine period.

The same caution should be exercised by those taking advantage of what’s free. Are these the materials you need or are these not targeted for your particular situation? School administrators and parents should be careful in the types of courses they allow their children to access. Not everything free is suitable.


Featured image by Pixabay