Education at the focus of new Indonesia proposed budget worth $178 billion

The President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, has introduced a new proposed budget for the country worth a hundred and seventy-eight billion dollars (USD 178 billion), which will place a focus on developing the educational system.

According to the proposed budget, Indonesia will be aiming to achieve a five percent (5.3%) growth in its gross domestic product (GDP). Two of the other goals for the proposed budget are to improve the labor market and boost basic education in the country.

Mr. Widodo also emphasized that a portion of the budget should go towards developing emerging skills like programming, data analytics, and digital design. 

Education budgeting should be a priority

Many countries all over the world are struggling with providing sufficient funding for the educational system. A recent example is the budgeting crisis in the United Kingdom, which has brought forward concerns by both faculty members and parents.

The fact that President Widodo is paying particular attention to the development of skills rising in popularity speaks of the government’s ambition to push Indonesia forward. Keeping up with the trends in modern labor markets is essential to make a country’s economy work in the future.

The proposed budget will introduce an increase of more than thirty percent (30%) for education compared to the previous year. This increase will allow the improvement of all public schools across the country and will be used to finance more than eight hundred thousand (817,000) students to go to university. 

President Widodo’s dedication to the improvement of the school system is commendable, as it shows the government is looking to work for the future of Indonesia.