Educational Institutions in India will be allowed to reopen based on school’s COVID-19 readiness assessment

Only those educational institutions in India that have passed the COVID-19 readiness assessment will be allowed to operate starting October 15.

Educational institutions in India will be allowed to reopen

Under the guidelines for Unlock 5, it will start to allow educational institutions in India to reopen, given that they pass the school assessment to be conducted by the health authorities for COVID-19 readiness. However, it will still be up to the school if they wish to proceed with reopening physical classes or remain in an online learning setup. This development came after a series of new guidelines from the Unlock 4 India policy has declined the reopening of schools in India. After successive deliberation, the reopening of schools has finally been included in the Unlock 5 guidelines.

The Ministry of Home Affairs will be in charge of the assessment of schools if they are fit to reopen and if their location is not at high risk of the infection. The next two weeks will be the evaluation period prior to the allowed reopening of schools by October 15. However, the Ministry of Education will not force students to attend physical classes, the online learning option should always still be open for all who doesn’t want to attend physical classes.

Colleges and Universities will be under the supervision of the Ministry of Education. They will be in charge of evaluating the readiness and safety of university campuses to operate allowing physical classes. The release of the new guidelines allowing educational institutions in India does not promote going out despite the high number of cases in India, it just provides an option for those students who are having a hard time with online learning and prefers actual classes. Safety precautions will still be implemented to ensure those who attend physical classes to be safe and less at risk of contamination.