Website for educational resources launched by non-profit organization Common Sense

A non-profit organization offers online educational resources for students under distance learning set-ups.

Online educational resources

The COVID-19 pandemic has left almost 300 million students worldwide missing school and resorting to distance learning as an alternative. In the United States alone, around 54 million students are suffering from suspended classes in all fifty states.

Distance learning is a safe way to deliver school lessons to the students without being in physical classrooms. But, for some parents, they find it a bit time consuming on their end, especially when they are spending time working from home. Parents are complaining about the time it takes to look for reliable educational resources for the topics discussed in virtual learning classes.

A non-profit organization Common Sense came up with a website that can help address the needs of students for reliable educational resources to help them out with their lessons. The website Wide Open School offers a diverse and thoroughly screened database of relevant resources as educational references.

Working with Wide Open School

The contents in the site feature content from different educational references, including National Geographic and tutorial videos from YouTube. No registration required, and all contents are absolutely free.Free educational resources

Wide Open School educational resources

In addition to the educational references available on the Wide Open School website, it also provides guides on becoming more effective in distance learning. There are several guides where parents can follow to ensure that their children have an effective and productive distance learning experience.

A special category for students with special needs is also included in the website’s platform. The visual appearance itself is designed to suit the preference of children at a younger age bracket.

For parents having difficulty adjusting to the study at home set-up, there are links and resources on the website that can help them guide their way through. Common Sense also included features such as family activities that the whole family should try during their break time or weekend sessions.

Definitely, this is an all-in-one package that parents should try for their children undergoing distance learning due to the COVID-19 outbreak.