Educational Technology: 6 bold trends in the learning process

Educational technology has revolutionized systems of learning today. Most traditional practices have been replaced by smarter applications in classrooms. The recent advancements have led to more learners’ improved output and impressive results.

K-12 college has embraced the new curve with some of the modest technological applications.

Educational technology applications


Previous generations accessed education from their classrooms only but pupils in modern societies are accessing education outside classrooms.

Educational technology powered content has been vetted and approved for use on e-learning sites, examples being Britannica and Google Scholar, platforms that advanced and easy for students to follow.

Some platforms offer video content through streaming like Udemy, Yup, Khan academy, and You-tube. Case a learner needs step by step guidance from experts then streaming sites offer the best solutions.


Virtual education

E-learning alone cannot provide everything a student needs on a particular subject, and get credited for taking up a certain course. technical courses, religion, and social sciences. Upon completion of these courses, a learner gets accreditation in the form of certificates, diplomas, and degrees.


Essay Writing

In case a student feels inadequate in completing their essays, online essay writing services are the best option for them. However, to avoid getting scammed, it’s imperative for a student to verify the legitimacy of an essay writing service to avoid getting half baked content. come in handy as they are previous user experiences in regards to the services they received on the particular site.


Gadget learning

The traditional methods of learning by use of textbooks, whiteboards, and notebooks, have been replaced by laptops, tablets, and audiovisual gadgets and these technological solutions have replaced notes and books that students had to carry around.


Online Libraries

Initially, college students had to physically attend libraries to do research from shelved books but there is a shift to online libraries where students are provided with learning material associated with their course on their student portal sites. There also exist online public libraries that provide e-books.



This category of information dissemination includes radio, internet, television and they provide socialization solutions. Channels such as Animal Planet, National Geographic, engage people in socialization and perspectives building. Cartoon network educated kids as well as entertain them.


Major educational technology advancements in the field of learning have enabled learners to access information in and outside the classrooms in faster and more efficient ways.


Featured image credits: Pixabay