Educator’s Union of South Africa won’t allow schools to reopen

The Educator’s Union of South Africa insists that schools shouldn’t be reopened amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Educator’s Union of South Africa stand against the reopening of schools

The Educator’s Union of South Africa is blocking the second phase of school reopening imposed by the government, commencing on Monday. A month ago, the first phase of the reopening of schools in South Africa took place, with Grades 7 and 12 leading the return. On Monday, the second phase will send Grades 6 and 11 back to school as mandated.

But the Educator’s Union of South Africa doesn’t acknowledge the decision of the government to reopen schools as safe for both students and teachers. The union warned that if the school reopening pushes through on Monday, they will have to intervene, even with the possible use of force.

Dead teachers can’t teach and dead students can’t learn.

This was the statement by the union in their bid to persuade the government not to push through with the reopening of classes.

Education Minister Elijah Mhlanga acknowledges the threat given by the union and asks them to stand down and respect government mandates. Mhlanga also called the attention of local authorities to look after anyone who tries to disrupt the peace during the reopening of schools on Monday.

Why is the reopening of schools essential?

According to medical data on cases found in South Africa, the chance of transmission on children ages 0-19 is very minimal at 1 in every 1000, as compared to those aged older than 80 to be at 1 in every 7 dies.

In addition, the government pointed out that prolonging the reopening of schools will worsen the malnutrition problem in the country. The closure of schools led to the inaccessibility of free school meals by the students, which led into increased cases of malnutrition.