Coronavirus effectiveness on the surface reduced by Electroceutical Fabric, study shows

Scientists have developed electroceutical fabric capable of reducing the lifespan of coronavirus. The fabric will be highly useful in making personal protection equipment, that is now heavily relied on in the fight against coronavirus.

The global fight against coronavirus has dragged on for months, and with cases rising exponentially in many countries, the use of personal protection equipment (PPE) has become an important tool to fight the virus.

However, the fabrics that make these PPEs are also prone to the virus and can aid in the spread of the virus. When wearers come into contact with the virus, the PPEs initially are able to protect the users. However, the virus remains stuck on the fabric for a significant amount of time which can result in a second interaction with the wearers while removing them, handling them, or even washing them.

Scientists from Indiana University, upon realizing this, have developed a new fabric able to prevent the coronavirus from sticking on PPEs and thus reducing the spread of coronavirus. They first noted that the virus heavily relies on electrostatic force to attach itself to surfaces and the human body.

Development of Electroceutical Fabric

To interrupt the development and longevity of the virus, the team of scientists developed an Electroceutical Fabric capable of creating an electric field strong enough to make the virus ineffective.

The study involves using 3 layers of components to create the Electroceutical Fabric. One layer is made of cotton and the other two layers are made of chiffon, making the fabric a more effective mask to combat coronavirus.

The study and development of the Electroceutical Fabric masks to combat coronavirus build on years of study of a newly emerging field that combines electrostatic and pharmaceuticals to form the field of electroceutical.

The electric fields produced by Electroceuticals are safe to humans, but on viruses and bacterias around these fields, they have a devastating effect, killing them or reducing their life. Electroceuticals is also heavily used in the making of pacemakers used to treat arrhythmias.


Featured image by Pixabay