Emotional education pitched by 96percent UK students to counter mental health crisis

‘Emotional education’ in the curriculum will hopefully alleviate the mental health crisis among students in the United Kingdom. The latest research reveals that as much as 96% of students in the UK favor this solution.

App Fika– an emotional fitness app for students surveyed 1500 and 100 students and employers respectively. In the survey, they were asked whether or not there is a need to incorporate formal social and emotional education in the curriculum designed for schools and universities.

65% of students supported the idea of inclusion of emotional education at the university level to be able to encounter mental health issues later in life. 52% lot strongly believes that such an education would equip them with the necessary tools for understanding themselves, their surroundings and the people around.

About 77% of students faced immense difficulty while transitioning into the university and around 60% recalled that they had no advice whatsoever for dealing with the transition as per the findings of the app Fika.

28% asserted that the ever-mounting academic pressure made them feel isolated and damaged their relationships to a great extent. Work took over the lives of almost 17%.

Equip students through emotional education

88% of them believe that while leaving university they would not be emotionally equipped to deal with the real professional world. 57% are not satisfied and have a constant feeling that universities are by no means doing enough to equip students with the necessary emotional skills to prepare them professionally for the future.

Almost 99% percent of the employers claimed that arming students with social and emotional skills as part of their academia would tremendously improve the success rate at work.

95% of the employers want to witness a young lot entering the work field well equipped both emotionally and socially. 87% think that graduates, more often than not, lack the necessary emotional skills for thriving at careers. Paying heed to the mental health crisis is more than ever now.

The Fika app provides a lot of easy, evidence-based emotional exercise programs. These are all programmed with the students’ input to make them cope with university life challenges with greater ease.

These emotional education programs are intended for dealing with the mental health crisis that students suffer are likely to suffer from, and to equip them with the necessary tools needed for thriving at studies and careers alike.