Ending the streaming method in Ontario, eliminating racism

To fight racism, the Education Ministry promised the removal of the streaming method in Ontario.

Streaming method in Ontario is discriminatory

The streaming method in Ontario is admittedly discriminatory to students. especially black students, according to the Ministry of Education Director Stephen Lecce.

The streaming method is the assigning of students into different educational programs, based on the assessment made by teachers and the guidance counselor. The programs are distributed into four options: Academic, Applied, and Essential or Open.

Open courses include arts, health, physical education, and technology. Academic on the other hand offers courses that enable a student to pursue university courses in higher grade levels. While the Applied program is the least bracket, where the choices left for a student after secondary education is either enroll for college or end up in a workplace.

When looking up the history of how the streaming method in Ontario classifies black students,  it is evident that minimal chances are given to them to be placed in an Academic program. Academic programs are the best option after grade school in order to proceed into a university.

In line with this, previous resolutions didn’t abolish the streaming method, it was only revised but still, the same racist and discriminatory process live on. Now, the Ontario government has promised to abolish this scheme, in accordance with fairness and elimination of racism and discrimination in the city.

Spearheaded by the Ministry of Education, Lecce assured the public that the streaming practice in Ontario will be removed. If succeeded, low-income black families will be given equal footing in applying for universities in Ontario.

Discreet suspensions

In line with the move to eradicate racism and inequality in the city of Ontario. Lecce also wanted to look into the issues related to discreet suspensions on black students which are backed by racist mindsets.

We have to eliminate the culture of segregation and racism here in Ontario, starting from the education sector and into the whole community.