English Forward Ella: Birthday celebration for all children

Today is Ella’s birthday, employee #1 of the English Forward Team. Everyone’s birthday is memorable, and Ella’s is no lesser as she was given birth by the vision of having equal opportunity education for children all over the world.

Ella embodies the passion and skills of likeminded individuals who brought to life the oldest and largest Learn English online platform, 18 years running.

English Forward Ella and Blockchain Babe

Alongside today’s celebrant, Ella, is Saanvi, our Blockchain Babe. She is the epitome of today’s children, wherever they are, in rural locations or in cities. Mitch always speaks of them, in the same undiminished passion from the day he hatched the vision with the team.

Mitch sees in them his own children and his tireless support for homeschooling, where parents and children proactively lay out the curriculum to match their children’s interest, taking learning out of the classroom. His enthusiasm is contagious:

Do we need a blockchain translator app? I believe we do, and that translator app is English.

Soon, in the future, our blockchain babe, Saanvi, will wake up in a blockchain connected world and “speak” blockchain, crypto and tokenomics to her friends just like she speaks Hindi to her Daadee ma.

She’ll speak it on Facebook, LinkedIn, at school, doing her banking, etc, and the question for all students to ask themselves is…

Every day, we feel that we are coming closer to the dream…There were questions that need answers. Learning is a never-ending search for answers and best solutions.

Harvard Study on Active Learning

There has been evidence that classroom techniques designed to get students to participate in the learning process produce better educational outcomes at virtually all levels. These techniques have been updated with new information published on 4th September 2019 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Though students felt as if they learned more through traditional lectures, they actually learned more when taking part in classrooms that employed so-called active-learning strategies.

Lead author Louis Deslauriers, the director of science teaching and learning and senior physics preceptor, knew that students would learn more from active learning. The crux is this: students’ perceptions of their learning should match with how well they’re actually learning.

The importance lies in the fact that while students eventually see the value of active learning, initially it can feel frustrating. Thus, a single platform by which learning can be done for mentors and students is essential.


ella birthday celebration


So why is English important for blockchain?

  • Well, you’re reading this article in English.
  • The most information on the web about blockchain is in English.
  • If you want to learn about blockchain, chat to a blockchain coder, interact with a blockchain group online, most of the time you will do so in English


It’s 2025…

Saanvi is sitting in a quaint tea shop in Pune talking with her best friend Prisha. Saanvi has completed her studies and is working at the Mumbai Trade and Industry office as a business communication specialist.

Prisha asks Saanvi how blockchain works and how it has impacted her life and why she is so excited about using the technology.

That was the dream and as dreams go, there are snags and delays. Yet we are pushing through and we will prevail.

Children of the world celebrate this most auspicious birthday with you, Ella. The English Forward community is among the front liners for supporting creative and active learning for global children, accessible in rural areas on the blockchain soon!