Online learning communities surge forward with English Forward in 2020

One of English Forward’s sustainable options is to promote and redefine online learning communities. This is the team’s response to global policies regulating education and changes needed to accommodate the growing demand by 2030. 

English Forward (EF) is one of the few study platforms which incorporates blockchain technology and crypto to its system. It recognizes that taking the students online will break the barrier while allowing them to be in their “playing field.”

The English Forward co-founder and CEO, Mitch Rankin, emphasizes his very intent in a statement:

“Student loans show how the current system favors the privileged segment of humanity and leaves out the majority of people that are unable to participate in higher education due to lack of resources (finances) or not being “creditworthy” for loans.” 

“And this constitutes a large portion of the world. I believe this can be addressed in this age of smart devices, globalization, and blockchain.”

With Unesco’s move to uplift the growing number of out of school youths, it may take too long before the policy reformation takes root to the global issue. 

Earning the “Seal of Biliteracy”

Around 47,000 students or eleven percent (11%) of the 2018 California class graduate students earned the “seal of biliteracy.”

The seal is received with the high school diploma as a valid proof that a student can communicate fluently in other languages.

Online learning communities surge forward with English Forward in 2020 2

From Education Week article

A big chunk of the data shows that students who received the seal of biliteracy the most are currently English-learners, not native English speakers. 

The seal’s popularity surges and now, the California state pushes to triple the number from 47,000 to 150,000 students by 2030.  

Online learning communities as leverage for education reforms

The current education system won’t be able to sustain the fast-growing demand of the learners. To address the issue, EF believes that studying online is the key.

With more mobility and less financial cost, English Forward also provides a unique feature called “earn as you learn” thanks to the integration of the blockchain.

This works as reward incentives when a student hits a goal with online quizzes and interactions within the EF platform.