English Grammar Test: Score high online in 10 easy ways

Every learner’s dream to score high in English grammar tests; unfortunately, not all end up scoring the highest marks possible.  However, you can decide to strategize and study for the general English test and trim down to the test questions.

In this article, you are going to learn how to strategize as you prepare for your English grammar tests. Remember, generalizing in studying general English widens up the scope and once you are confident, you can narrow your study to the specific test questions.

English grammar test study strategies

As you study for your quiz, you need to set your goals. For most learners, the highest grade is the ultimate goal. However, many forget the basics of getting to the best score by failing to strategize. You need to have a proven strategy that will not fail.

Whether you are sitting for IELTS, TOEFL or PTE test, you need to be sure of the test you plan to take. This makes it easy for you to source relevant resources. Here are some strategies that are a surefire way of ensuring you score high in any general English test.

Take time to understand the test

This is the basic step when you are preparing for a language test. Each test is designed uniquely and meant to test specific abilities. You need to choose a test that suits your needs.  Next, you need to understand the format and structure makes it easy for you on the actual exam day.

You will realize that the general English test is meant to test how much you grasp the language. It focuses on a wide range of abilities and you need to be well prepared and handle each question appropriately.

Get a test prep-book

Since you know the grammar quiz you are preparing for, it is easy to source for the official test prep book. This helps you build your English grammar skills. You can get these online or from the local library.

This is the easiest way to acquit yourself with the quiz you are preparing for and increases your confidence. Remember, the more you practice the better you become in your English grammar.

Attend test prep classes or get a certified tutor

If you have the time, you can attend test prep classes or simply get a tutor depending on your availability. Advance preparation in a group is more effective compared to doing it alone. You can easily share what you have learned and learn from others as well.

It is even better when you engage the services of a tutor; you get more insights into English grammar. This way, you build more confidence and your tutor becomes a resource that you can share in your study group.

Be time conscious

Most English grammar tests are timed and you need to be time conscious. Learn to answer questions within the allotted time frame. This frees your time to handle the next question without putting pressure on yourself.

Learn the timing in advance since some English grammar guests have strict time frames between questions and this can affect your overall score. Find out the time structure in advance. This will help you get the best composure for the test.

Online Quiz Samples

Here are some online English grammar quiz sources that can help you score high. 

Take general grammar quizzes

The English Club has easy to use quizzes that you can try out. They have general grammar quizzes that can fit anyone seeking to improve their grammar. These come with answers making them easy to understand.

Select specific grammar quizzes

You can also select specific quizzes that fit your English grammar level. If you are interested in parts of speech, modal verbs or even tenses, the English Club can be your one-stop-shop and what’s more; these quizzes are free.

Improve your vocabulary level

Another online English grammar resource is St. George’s International. This might be slightly advanced but ideal if you are keen on scoring high in your English quiz. This is ideal for improving your vocabulary levels.

Compare your performance with others

The good thing about St. George’s is that you go through a set of 10 questions and at the end of it, you can compare your performance with their answers. You cannot access the answers before you attempt the quiz. 

Try sites with superb quiz selections.

You can also try ProProfs Quiz and head straight to the English quiz section. The site might not offer a wide range of choices but their quiz selection is superb. The good bit about this online resource is you improve your word choice whilst focusing on improving your quiz score.

Advance to the next level once you get the hang of the easy beginner’s levels.

Lastly, Grammar Quizzes is a must-visit for any learner wishing to score high in a wide range of grammar quizzes. They have high-quality quizzes and have everything a beginner wants. The site is not limited to those new in English grammar but those seeking to advance their mastery of the language.

Scoring high in grammar quizzes is not a walk in the park. You need to work hard at it. However, with these tips, you make your preparation easy and fast. Studying a new language is a huge challenge but once you grasp the basics, you are able to handle any English grammar quiz with ease.

English grammar test preparation

Incorporating these tips in your English grammar test preparation is a sure-fire way of a better score. However, you can choose what works well for you and use it to your advantage. It is all about gaining confidence and understanding word usage in a sentence.

Most of these quizzes are custom made and fit well in most learning stages. One thing about them is that they are easy to grasp and you only take a few days and be ready to tackle your English grammar test. After trying the variety of online quizzes and answers, you will be able to write and speak fluent English as well.