Entrance exams will be waived on some state universities in the Philippines

CHED announced that some state universities would no longer require entrance exams for freshmen aspirants.

Entrance exams for state universities

In a Senate hearing last Thursday, the investigating panel asked Commission on Higher Education spokesperson Prospero de Vera III on the agency’s plan with regards to the opening of universities for the Academic year 2020-2021.

There are some state universities that are willing to waive entrance exams as long as the student’s high school grade is fit with their standards.

According to De Vera, some universities will allow admission of students without having to take the entrance exam, as long as their high school grades are within the standards of the university.

In addition, some universities in various municipalities will set-up transport services for students planning to take their entrance exams.

With regard to the upcoming college admission, the CHED reminded universities and colleges that mass promotion would be based on their own assessment and decision.

Distance learning in college

As imposed by the government on elementary and secondary education, universities and colleges will abide by the following guidelines when universities reopen.

  • No restrictions for universities to fully operate as long as they are using online learning
  • Physical classes can  only be allowed by September, and if permitted by the Inter-Agency Task Force

The agency also tapped with major Telcos in the Philippines to allow free access to websites they have intended for education contents.

The CHED also reminded the public that there would be no new scholarships to be handed out this academic year due to limited funds. But, rest assured, all qualified scholars from last year can still avail of the government’s scholarship program.