Erotic performance for school promotion elicit a mixed reaction in China

An erotic performance by a dancing studio has elicited reactions from the public after a video went viral showing children singing along and applauding. The event was also carried outside a middle school, which angered many people

A dancing studio in China is in hot water after they used pole dancers for erotic performances outside a school with small children. In video clips that have gone viral, dancers are seen pole dancing and promoting their studio in front of the school from evening until after the nightfall.

Erotic performance to promote the dancing studio

In one of the clips, a blue dressed pole dancer is seen doing her routine in a cloud that has already gathered to watch the performance. The host is then ard urging members of the audience to clap for the dancers as the performance continues.

Two children, a boy and a girl can also be seen dancing along and applauding as the dancers continue with their performance. Dressed scantly, the dancers are unbothered with the children who can be seen in the background, and their dance routine continues to ignite the crowd into cheers.

People privy to the information indicated that the studio was promoting itself and recruiting students through their performance. However, the studio said it was not in a recruitment drive when they performed outside Beicheng Middle School. He said their aim was to popularise the school, but they had picked the wrong location for their performance.

Public reactions

The school apologized for the erotic performance and explained how they had picked the wrong venue for the event.

Nantong Education Bureau is investigating the incident which was filmed on Thursday. They also condemned the erotic performance and exposure of children, who were at the event, to erotic performances from the studio.

The video also generated public outrage, with many pointing out inappropriateness of the whole event. They also noted that the dancers were unbothered, even after noticing there were children in the audience.

Two security officers who were there told news reporters that they had asked the dancers to leave, but their requests were not obeyed. They also said the dancers told them that they were not there for a recruitment drive and were only dancing in the streets to promote their schools, so they did not understand why they were being asked to leave.


Featured image by Pixabay