ETC Labs announces Studio supporting ETC projects and businesses

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Labs official launched a new program, Studio, to support projects using its blockchain-based computing platform.

It was made official by a blog post on August 8 which confirms that with Studio, it can provide technical expertise as well as marketing field aid for businesses and startups.

The new program introduces that companies can use ETC for low costs, reliable security while implementing the tech in a stable and verified blockchain.

ETC Labs Studio program can currently be accessed for companies which work with blockchain technology.

Studio enables to build and utilize crowdsales, and decentralized applications (dapps). Project launches and assistance in proof of work (PoW) for businesses can also be done with Studio. 

ETC Labs accelerates 

ETC has made significant expansion to its community and users since it had spent resources and finance for its development from its parent blockchain, Ethereum. 

Since then, ETC Labs take big steps to enhance functionality, interoperability and even its compatibility uses. 

ETC Labs announced earlier this 2019 about the launching of the Core team. The Core team primarily tackles on developing soft and hard skills of its people by undergoing the accelerator program within three (3) months which was launched on July 28.