Exam board apologises for racist cartoon featured in psychology textbook

Exam board apologises for racist cartoon on a psychology textbook after coming under massive criticism for approving it in the first place. According to eye witness accounts, the images depict a picture of black men who are cannibals trying to cook a white man depicted to be a missionary.

According to one of the major exam bodies, AQA, the textbook should have never been approved for production. Think2Speak founder, Lizzie Jordan, was the first to notice this cartoon and drew the public’s attention to the book.

The board should review the textbook drafts

According to Lizzie Jordan, pending final publishing, the book written by five authors passed through a proofreader before finally going to an editor. The journey didn’t end there as the book still went through the printer before being assessed by the teacher. Still, none of them could discover information as sensitive as that. Lizzie said,

Even though the exam board apologises for racist cartoons, shouldn’t they have been more responsible for a total review of the kind of things they put in kids hands?

Lizzie Jordan said she first noticed the cartoon after she bought the textbook for her child with the kid drawing her attention to the image. The image in the book showed tow white men supposedly captured by three men of color who are cannibals.

Coming with the image was the header, three missionaries are attempting to cross a river in the company of three cannibals; however, there should never be more cannibals present than the missionaries. How will they pull this off?

Exam board apologises for racist cartoon under criticism

With the capture not doing justice to the header’s real context, the main bone of contention is centered around how multiple people could work together to achieve one aim instead of working alone.

Damian Page, dean of the Carnegie School of Education at Leeds Beckett University, expressed his displeasure on Twitter,

Do you honestly think this is acceptable in one of your textbooks?

Illuminate Publishing the publisher of AQA’s Psychology for GCSE textbook which contained the image issued an apology,

We regret our sensitive actions. At this moment, we stopped the production of the book. Presently, we are working on using another image instead and have confiscated the already published books. Giving their apologies too, AQA, through its representative, said, We have never accepted racism. We are sorry for the depiction and can never apologize enough.

This came after the exam board apologises for racist cartoon featured in the textbook,

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