Exeter College offers adult upskilling event on 20th Nov

Exeter College has gone a notch higher by presenting an upskilling event to be held on November 20, 2019. It is meant for adults who want to enhance their career aspirations. 

Moreover, the open event by Exeter College is meant to offer all learners an opportunity to familiarize themselves with a wide range of part and full-time courses being offered. 

Exeter College’s quest for people’s career advancement

Exeter College has shown its intention of availing people with relevant information that can be instrumental in their career growth. 

The open event will make attendees informed about some of the available courses that can be instrumental in enabling them to enter distinctive professionals in various workplaces.

Exeter College has different accessible options for anyone to progress in their job or change their career entirely. 

Exeter College’s adult hub

The open event is welcome to any person interested in enrolling for a course at the college. 

Moreover, it has made remarkable progress by creating a specific adult hub meant to expand people’s knowledge base about the programs that suit their needs. 

Realistically, any adult might find it challenging to get back into education. This difficulty is taken care of at the adult hub because people are given insights about what is needed for a career change or professional development. 

Moreover, two dedicated experts have been recruited by the college to eradicate this challenge as they offer impartial advice on how an adult can attain their optimal potential. 

The director of adult learning at Exeter College, Lucinda Sanders, noted:

One of the biggest barriers for adults looking to develop their skills is that they don’t feel as if they understand all the options available to them.

The adult advisers are, therefore, filling the void based on their broad education spectrum as they can offer thoughtful and professional advice to anyone. 

On the other hand, Dixie State University (DSU) is creating an adult education system that will integrate adults easily. They will give priority to the scheduling of classes and have also proposed having weekend and evening classes for such students.