India’s inspiring plan to expand blockchain education within police officers launches on Sep 6

Blockchain-oriented countries are fighting hard to expand blockchain education. This time it’s India who’s planning to educate high-ranking police officers about cryptocurrency and blockchain.

India’s high-ranking officers were recently introduced to a course about cryptocurrencies and blockchain, issued by India’s national police academy.

The course will consist of the details and theoretical descriptions of the functioning of cryptocurrencies. It will also address the legal aspects of digital money.

The urgent need to issue such policy came from the fact that Indian police officers spend hundreds of hours uncovering significant crypto and blockchain-based schemes.

It’s time to expand blockchain education for police officers

The Indian government is currently in the working process of preparing crypto regulations. But this won’t stop the crime rate at this moment. That’s why it is time to expand blockchain education as well as cryptocurrency and digital financing education for police offices.

The course name is “Investigation of cases involving cryptocurrencies.” It will take off on September 5-6, 2019 and will be held at the institute in Hyderabad.

Those who will be interested enough to enroll in the course will be certified as IPS officers.

The course will consist of four intentions:

  • Introducing police officers to the functioning of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology
  • Legal aspects of cryptocurrencies
  • Crimes committed using cryptocurrencies
  • Investigation of cases involving cryptocurrencies

India has once again proven the dedication from the officials to be involved in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, and their efforts are paying off.