Extended Enhanced Community Quarantine in Luzon forces DepEd to come up with an organized response

Luzon will experience an extended enhanced community quarantine till the 30th of April.

Extended Enhanced Community Quarantine in Luzon

On April 7, Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte issued an extension of the ongoing ECQ in Luzon. The extended enhanced community quarantine period is expected to last until the 30th of April. The decision is still in line with controlling the transmission of the coronavirus in the region.

The initial ECQ implemented in Luzon was supposed to end by the 13th of April, but with the unexpected extent of contamination in the region, convinced lawmakers that an extension is a crucial move to flatten the curve of COVID-19 cases.

As of posting, COVID-19 data from the DOH show 3764 confirmed cases, 177 deaths, and 84 recoveries in the country.

Lawmakers are urging the assigned agencies to hasten the mass testing of patients and the distribution of provisions for each household that were severely affected by the pandemic.

DepEd responds to extended ECQ

With the extended enhanced community quarantine taking effect, the Department of Education is forced to do necessary actions to adjust with the new protocols.

Distance learning

The department once planned to use distance learning as a means of continuing classes worldwide, through its online platform DepEd Commons. Education Secretary Leonor Briones is convinced that the online learning program will just create unequal footing for those who do not have access to the internet and gadgets needed for distance learning.

Opening of classes

The expected opening of classes in June, but with the ongoing epidemic, the opening of classes might be moved to around August or September.

Graduation ceremonies

DepEd initially issued a go signal for schools to conduct graduation ceremonies as long as it follows social distancing protocols after the ECQ period. Initially, schools have scheduled their graduation ceremonies around April 17 and 18, but with the extended ECQ, the department urged the schools to make the necessary adjustments to their timelines.

The Department of Education is trying its best to provide effective guidelines that are suited for all regions. Guidelines shall be implemented in all regions to create equal footing on all students under the Philippines education system.