Face mask and face shield mandatory in offices and public transportation

Public transportation now requires the face mask and face shield combination for the driver and all its passengers.

Face mask and face shield combination now mandatory

The Interagency Task Force (IATF) for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases has imposed the compulsory usage of the face mask and face shield combination on all public transportations, business establishments, and government and private workplaces last Saturday. The mandate was implemented to further decrease the chances of transmission.

The IATF passed on the mandate to the Department of Transportation and the Department of Labor and Employment for proper implementation.

The DOTR already mandated all public transportations to observe the strict implementation of the no face mask and face shield no boarding policy. Passengers not wearing the required safety equipment are prohibited to board public utility vehicles. Drivers caught loading passengers not wearing proper safety equipment will also be fined. The advisory was already released last week to make way for the needed preparations for all commuters.

Employees on both government and private establishments are required to wear face shields on top of their face masks as mandated.

Face shields and its increasing demand

Face shields add a significant level of protection from droplets that may be in contact with the eyes, the area which is not protected by face masks. Face shields offer this added layer of defence to make sure that droplets do not come in contact directly face-to-face.

As the wearing of face masks and face shields became requisitory, an increase of demand made some sellers took advantage of the situation. The Department of Trade and Industry are reminding sellers to follow the SRP for face shields, overpricing will be dealt upon legally. The mandated price for face shields is around 26php to 50php ($.54-$1.1).

The importance of prevention is vital especially with the government’s budget on COVID-19 treatment getting thinner and thinner by the moment.