FinTech education scholarships for women

To support female students looking to get into FinTech education, the FinTech School has announced a scholarship created in partnership with Moody’s, one of the best-recognized Bond credit rating companies. FinTech education, or in other words, courses revolving around financial technology, are becoming increasingly popular on a global scale.

What is even more inspiring is that many female students decide to join the growing number of FinTech professionals. This is largely motivated by the fact that many businesses are now actively looking for FinTech specialists to boost their services.

The scholarship aims to give female students access to specific courses and certificates in the FinTech sector and help them achieve professional qualifications and skills. 

FinTech education

Technology is becoming a massive part of our daily lives and has an even stronger presence when it comes to business.

Advancements like the introduction of blockchain distributed ledgers and smart contracts have made universities rethink the type of FinTech courses they are offering. Many universities are now accepting students in graduate and undergraduate courses in blockchain and cryptocurrencies

Considering the growing demand for experts in the FinTech field, it is no surprise that higher education institutions are showing increased interest in blockchain courses. 

The FinTech School’s initiative to support women looking to get qualifications in these subjects is commendable. While the world is becoming increasingly accepting of females in the technology sector, there is still a discrepancy between the number of male and female professionals in the FinTech sector. 

Blockchain revolution

Blockchain technology is the new hype in the FinTech sector. The undeniable benefits distributed ledgers and smart contracts bring to administration and payment processing have made it a sought out addition for successful businesses. 

Some of the latest examples of high-profile adoptions of blockchain technology include the Food and Drug Administration, which has started tryouts of a new medical review system, based on blockchain.