The first COVID-19 reinfection emerged in Hong Kong

Researchers from the University of Hong Kong confirmed the emergence of the first COVID-19 reinfection worldwide.

First COVID-19 reinfection confirmed in HK

After a month since Hong Kong experienced its highest count on daily COVID-19 positive cases, numbers have dwindled downed and just playing around below 20 to 30 cases daily. Still, despite being on its third wave of the pandemic, Hong Kong officials do not want its citizens to ease out when it comes to safety precautions against the COVID-19. The developing news of having the lowest count of daily positive cases has been matched with a discovery by researchers at the University of Hong Kong, the first COVID-19 reinfection worldwide.

The patient is a 33-year-old, male, who acquired the virus around four and a half months ago. He was already discharged and confirmed COVID free. The patient then went on to travel to Spain this August, and upon his return to Hong Kong, he tested positive again of COVID-19. This was not the first COVID-19 reinfection reported, however, this was the first instance that it was confirmed through rigorous testing.

According to the researchers from the University of Hong Kong, reinfection occurs when the level of antibodies start to decline. On average, the decline of antibodies starts around one to two months starting from the day the patient fully recovered from the virus. This discovery just solidifies the assumption that vaccines will not be able to sustain lifelong immunity from the virus.

Researchers are looking into the possibility that the virus coming from reinfection might be much severe from the original strain. As for now, the male patient has been asymptomatic and doesn’t show signs of severe symptoms.