First public school staff casualty of the Coronavirus in Brooklyn

Dez-Ann Romain, the first public school staff in Brooklyn to fall to the  Coronavirus.

Public School Staff in Brooklyn

In an ongoing fight against the coronavirus outbreak, one public school staff from Brooklyn succumbed to the virus. Dez-Ann Romain, principal of Brooklyn Democracy Academy(BDA), passed away on March 23 after her health complications associated with COVID-19 worsened.

According to school staff and those close to Ms. Romain, she was last seen reporting on school premises last March 12. The next news they received is that she became ill and have to be hospitalized. She was admitted on March 18 with an initial diagnosis of pneumonia.

Her colleagues describe the late principal from Brooklyn as a dedicated and organized leader. She is a mover and inspiration to her constituents. Her plans always involve the welfare of the students and the community. She funded a hydroponic garden with a vision of turning it into a vegetable source for the locals in the community.

Sentiments from colleagues and friends

Friends and colleagues which Ms. Romain have shared her life with as a public school staff has shared a thought or two about the late principal.

I remember her as an energetic, rigid, and ecstatic woman in ther mid 30s. Despite having a strenous job, she remained focused with her job without compromising her health.


A council member from Brooklyn, Mark Treyger, was fazed with the death of the principal from BDA and called upon Mayor de Blasio for nothing taking immediate action in suspending classes when the threat of COVID-19 hit the city.

The slow action from the Mayor’s office made the students, teachers, and other school staff susceptible to the virus. They should take responsibility of their actions to the public.

Mayor de Blasio responded through his spokesperson, Jane Meyer, claiming that the accusations made against his office are false and malicious. The government of Brooklyn immediately issued the suspension of classes just as soon as a confirmed case of COVID-19 was reported.


Featured image by Black Enterprise