Free movement block alarms EU citizens

The notion of a no-deal Brexit triggering free movement block for European Union (EU) nationals has prompted confusion and anxiety.

Confusion has emerged because EU citizens living in the UK are uncertain about what will happen next. 

Some of the concerns they have aired include being victims of aggressive policies. The UK is expected to leave the European Union without a consensus in October. 

The fate of EU citizens is, however, uncertain if this move is made even though they are presently allowed to work and live freely in the United Kingdom. 

EU citizens’ future uncertain

Theoretically, EU nationals’ rights ought to be respected if they hold permanent residency in the United Kingdom. Nevertheless, free movement is in jeopardy if the transition session stipulated by Theresa May’s government is not followed. 

As a result, more than two million (2.6M) EU citizens who have not applied for settled status could be acknowledged as being in the UK illegally. 

The ideology of curtailing free movement for EU citizens on October 31 if no deal is crafted is reckless. 

According to Nicolas Hatton, a member of the EU nationals group, the notion of ending their movement overnight denies them their legitimate rights is absurd. 

EU citizens’ concerns

A leaked inner government discussion paper instigated the worries depicted by EU nationals. Warnings of a strict cut-off date have been circulating. 

Since March 2019, at least one million (1M) EU citizens have been prosperous in applying for settled status. As a result, they are permitted to dwell in the United Kingdom even if Brexit happens. 

Nevertheless, those who have not applied are concerned and uncertain about their future employment and residence. 

Moreover, they are worried about how they will prove their liberties to live in the United Kingdom once they travel abroad. 

According to Imix spokeswoman, Stepanie Dawoud, fear is prevailing because it is unknown whether legitimate EU citizens will face a hostile environment in the United Kingdom. 

She also affirmed that no structure had been introduced to differentiate the newcomers and those who have been residing in the United Kingdom before Brexit. 

EU citizens using iPhones have experienced a hitch because the digital application procedure is yet to be availed., though this problem is expected to have been settled by year-end. 

The free movement uncertainty has jeopardized many EU citizens as their future remains unknown.

The Brexit issue has instigated concerns across many sectors. For instance, Erasmus students in the UK are feeling threatened by Brexit. Additionally, it will hurt language learning across the United Kingdom.