Gavin Williamson’s cancellation of exams in the UK: This is an extraordinary time

Education secretary Gavin Williamson assures that all student grades will be rated based on proper merit, hard work, and dedication at school.

Gavin Williamson cancels exams in the UK

The education secretary has just recently announced the cancellation of all school exams throughout the UK. This is the government’s response to the worsening cases of the COVID-19 worldwide. It has come to the attention of Mr. Gavin Williamson, that keeping the children at home is very important at these crucial moments while the virus is continuously spreading.

Though schools are suspended, some district schools are functioning as daycare centers for the children of key workers in the UK. This privilege is only given to families with both parents are working with vital roles in the fight against the COVID-19 outbreak. Children will be much safer, and well-taken care of as their parents go on and fulfill their duties at this time of the pandemic.

Teacher assessments will define students grades

With the cancellation of exams and the suspension of classes, parents and students are wondering how teachers will get a hold of the final grades of the students. In a statement from Gavin Williamson, the Ministry of Education will entrust to the teachers the assessment of student grades, based on proper merit, performance in class, and dedication.

This is an extraordinary time for us. Everything was never expected, the severity of the situation, and the rippled effects.

Despite the suspensions, the Ministry of Education still wishes to see thee students proceed to the next level of learning once this pandemic subsides. As for the children of critical workers that will be accommodated by selected schools, they will not engage in any exams, any lecture related to their grade level, and will not follow a specified curriculum.

Thee schools will just serve as a sanitary sanctuary for the children as their parents go to work. The slots are limited to those parents with jobs that are critical in the fight against the coronavirus, with no one left in their household to watch over the kids.