New Guidelines for Gender Inclusion and LGBTQ Rights At School

Through years we’ve seen the development of gender inclusion and LGBTQ rights and communities. Today we witness the expansion of the guidelines in the New York City education department regarding the right of LGBTQ students.

The guidelines to support transgender and gender-expansive students includes examples of how should LGBTQ students be treated at education institutions, how easy it is for them to change their names and gender on school records and how they can access sports teams and participate in other activities.

The city will allow students to legally change their names and gender on school records without the need for legal documentation. The education department also announced that LGBTQ students would be able to participate in sports that are mostly associated with their gender identity.

“The changes feel like a step towards inclusion,” says Olin Winn-Ritzenberg of LGBTQ community center. And they do feel like the development of our society.

Gender Inclusion at Schools and More

With the new guidelines for LGBTQ students, we welcome the guidelines of gender inclusion. New requirements, released by the NY city education department, include the uniting of health classes. They will no longer be separated by gender and will consist of puberty lessons according to all genders, gender identities, sexual orientations, and gender-inclusive language.

The new guidelines sow hope and cultural development. The fact that gender inclusiveness will be taught since the school age is a new step forward into accepting LGBTQ communities.

With upcoming changes, the education department staff will be trained before the beginning of the next school year. The trained employees will take a mission to deliver their knowledge to educators, teachers, and principals at the school level.