Girls’ education important for developing world, Boris Johnson says

The UK Prime Minister, while announcing the appointment of MP Helen Grant as a special envoy to support girls’ education highlighted the importance of improving girls’ education globally. 

Boris Johnson continued by saying that educating girls in the developing world was one way of uplifting communities and eradicating poverty in the region.  He indicated that such an initiative changes not only the lives of individual girls and women but also the communities and countries they live in.

UK’s approach to girls’ education

Mrs. Grant is expected to champion UK global expertise in education and represent the UK presidency in the G7.

Grant, in reference to her new role, indicated that her priority would be ensuring that girls get a quality education. She continued by highlighting that girls’ education reduces poverty in society and unlocks untapped talents spurring economies of developing nations.

Grant added that she would also make it her mission to encourage a more ambitious approach to girls’ education as the world continues to battle the covid-19 pandemic that has led to school closures.

The new appointment is expected to lead efforts by the UK government of getting 40 million girls in developing nations into school by the year 2025. 

The appointment comes amidst a pandemic that has seen more than 1.6 billion children’s education interrupted due to school closures globally. 

Girls’ education in the developing world continues to face numerous challenges that lead to girls not completing their primary and secondary education.  The financial situation in these countries also results in many girls dropping out of school to fend for their young siblings or themselves. 

Girls in the developing world also continue to be subjected to early marriages, female genital mutilations, disrupted access to safe spaces where they can live and study in peace, early pregnancies and illiterate parents who don’t see the importance of education.

Grant, who has experience working with women groups that focused on domestic abuse and a champion of gender equality, has already indicated that her office will ensure girls from developing countries are getting a 12-year education through the support of the UK government.