Global education crisis: Gordon Brown pleads for 800M

Former British Prime Minister and United Nations (UN) Special Envoy for Global Education Gordon Brown reports that 800 million children from third-world countries are out of school. He showed serious concern for refugee, displaced and conflict zoned children who are around 30, 23 and 75 million respectively.

Gordon Brown further urged the international community to take some serious steps for tackling the ever-rising global education crisis at hand.

The beleaguered children are either out of schools or having extremely intermittent schooling. In a despondent global education crisis like this, it is pertinent to provide them with hope so they are prepared in advance to shape their future.

Strategy to deal with the global education crisis

Contrarily, if these children are left unattended, there is a looming threat that in the coming years, African and Middle Eastern streets will abound in an illiterate and jobless young lot. It is a hight time that we all welcome “Education Cannot Wait” which is a first-ever global funding program devoted to education in case of protracted emergencies, he added.

To deal with the global education crisis, this fund will cater to the educational needs of the ones affected with the help of humanitarian agencies and governments ensuring immediate delivery.

By the year 2030, this non-governmental international organization is striving for reaching out to all crisis-affected children and youth for the provision of free, safe and quality education.

Brown, who also happens to be the chairperson of the “Education Cannot Wait” fund further explained that they are working towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals and for that matter, they need to gather the money in order to make sure that all the crisis-affected children have access to quality education.

He also asserted that the fund has already started working in many countries. Brown also proposed the establishment of a World Bank for education to tackle the global education crisis.

Moreover, according to Brown, given the persistent issues of child labor, child trafficking and child marriage along with many others, our negligence would fuel the unequal and unsustainable world for the generations to come. We can’t afford such a world anyway. Since we can get along without food for days on end, but not a minute without hope.`