GMAC: The next big ed-tech company in India’s education market

Get Me A Course (GMAC) was launched in 2016 with a purpose to enable students and learners to choose whatever they want to learn. Also, it helps the learners to identify and know what courses they should take to help them move forward in their careers using an AI-based engine.

According to the studies done by Google and KPMG, India will hit the 10 million mark in terms of students who pay for online courses by 2021. Along with this, India’s education market is expected to become a $2 billion market by that time. In 2018 and 2019, the highest courses taken were online certification courses but the future is set to change.

With the digitization of education, India plans to shift its traditional teaching to online courses for primary and secondary education. The expected user base would be 280 million. As per the trends, online certification and upskilling courses will lose their monopoly.

Get Me A Course (GMAC) helps students to choose the best courses among thousands of courses present on the web. The courses as per your preferences and the current market enables the students to get the course which keeps them updated with the new technological innovations in that particular sector.

GMAC is Makemytrip of the education sector

Rohan Krishna, CEO, and Co-founder sees GMAC as Makemytrip of the education sector. The model is very much similar to those of travel apps which enlists different options of accommodation, commutation services, airlines. This also helps the best teachers to sell themselves which is very difficult to do in today’s market.

GMAC has a career recommendation engine they call ‘Gravity’. Gravity sees the current position in terms of the current pay scale, skills, and geographical location of the learner. While the choice has to be made by the student, GMAC helps them with career progression by enlisting the future opportunities and scope of a particular course.

With this done, the dropout rates of online courses in India is huge. Almost 98% of the learners drop out at some point in time. GMAC checks the job opportunities near the geographical location of the user and lists the courses accordingly. This also helps the major problem of unemployment in the country.