Google Classroom popularity rises amid coronavirus lockdown

Coronavirus lockdown has led to an unprecedented rise in popularity of the Google Classroom. The app now tops both the Google PlayStore and the AppStore. The app has also been downloaded more than 50 million times, with most downloads coming within the last 6 weeks.

Google classroom has gained popularity over the last few weeks due to coronavirus. It has moved from not being a consideration in the Android play store in the education category to becoming the top category in just over a few weeks.

Google Classroom preference

This has been largely been contributed by the closure of schools due to the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. The virus, which has affected more than 180 countries and resulted in some type of restriction to a third of the world population has led to the closure of schools and other learning institutions. The downside of this has been millions of students without a place where they can quench their thirst for knowledge.

Data provided by AppBrain, a service that tracks the popularity of apps, showed the app is still continuing to grow with more than 50 million downloads so far. The data also showed a spike in the last couple of weeks when the pandemic became a problem across the globe.

Market edge

The app has also overtaken Zoom, which was one of the most popular teacher-student interaction apps. It has also seen its ratings in PlayStore rise to a positive 3.9 rating. This, combined with the number of students already at home due to the virus will only contribute to the rise in popularity in the coming weeks.

Teachers are now adapting the app and recommending it to their students. In the coming weeks or months depending on how long the lockdown will last, an exponential usage of the app is projected. This will be as a result of teachers trying to figure out the best way to advance their students’ education without interrupting the curriculum.


Featured image by Pixabay