$250,000 grant for the upskilling of PH teachers awarded by Google Philippines

A needed upskilling of PH teachers is one of the main focus of the $250,000 grant provided by Google Philippines.

Upskilling of PH teachers for online learning classes

In preparation for the new normal of learning, Google Philippines awarded a $250,000 grant to INCO Education Accelerator and the Asian Institute of Journalism and Communication (AJIC), for the upskilling of PH teachers in terms of online learning. The two mentioned companies will be assigned to help teachers get familiarized and oriented with how online learning works in an actual setting.

The $250,000 grant will be used to fund training expenses for teachers that will be handling online learning classes starting October 5. AJIC School Director Ramon Tuazon has already panned out the details for the upcoming training for the upskilling of PH teachers. According to Tuazon, the training will involve the use of both online learning and printed out materials in delivering blended learning education.

As of now, AJIC has already assigned 18 trainers that will onboard the upskilling of PH teachers program. Marketing head of Google Philippines, Mr. Gabby Roxas also committed in providing GSuite accounts for each student enrolled under the online learning program. The customized GSuite consists of tools that are user-friendly and promotes productivity for online learning classes.

Roxas also mentioned providing skills training for teachers who wishes to upskill in content creation for video channels like YouTube. Educational videos are found to be more effective and less boring for delivering class topics. Google will provide useful tutorials on how to expand the teacher’s skill set in creating interactive educational videos that are fun, and content-filled, and informative.

Google Philippines is confident that with the help of telecommunications companies in the country providing data packages suited for students, online learning will be much more successful than expected.