Newton is wrong about gravity – scientists believe

The new study proclaims that Newton’s law of gravity isn’t right during the black hole research. Scientists began to turn their heads towards Einstein’s general theory of relativity and speculated that his theory would also be deemed wrong as Newton did. 

The study was co-led by the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Professor Andrea Ghez using Einstein’s law of general relativity—not Newton’s.

Newton was considered as the one who theorized the famous law of gravity when an apple bonked his head under the tree. That same force which unintentionally “pull” the apple down towards the ground was what gave birth to his idea of “gravity.” 

Einstein’s theory of how gravity works

Ghez and her team conducted a comprehensive test of general relativity using Einstein’s theory and have proven that it is the best description. The research took place on a star called “S0-2” to test out direct measurements on the massive black hole, Sagittarius A, which dubbed as Sgr A. 

The black hole lies at the center of the Milky Way galaxy which has a distance away from the Earth of twenty-six thousand (26,000) light-years. The research team put Newton’s gravitation law but didn’t hold well as it was used in black hole experiment study. 

Einstein’s and Newton’s contributions to modern physics are stellar. However, Einstein’s prediction came true as he theorized that an object creates a curve in the fabric of space and time. It has the appearance of well when it sits in place, in which he claimed that even beams of light and planets apply to this theory. 

The mass of the black hole was calculated having about four (4) million times more than the sun. The S0-2 star takes a total of sixteen (16) years of orbit around Sgr A. 

Using Einstein’s theory, researchers studied the light particles which traveled from S0-2 to the Earth. If everything goes as he predicted that light couldn’t resist the strong gravitational pull of Sgr A, scientists recognized that the case was “extreme” and acknowledged that Einstein’s theory of relativity was “showing vulnerability” as Ghez explained:

It cannot fully explain gravity inside a black hole, and at some point we will need to move beyond Einstein’s theory to a more comprehensive theory of gravity that explains what a black hole is. 

Set to be published on August 16, the study has been recognized as one of the recent in-depth research about the black hole to this date.