Hate inspired flyers found in Connecticut State University

Flyers filled with hate sentiments were found last Thursday night at the Connecticut State University campus.

Commotion at Connecticut State University

Campus officials and students were alarmed last Thursday night after “hate-filled” propaganda flyers were found at a residence hall near the school’s main building. Police and federal officers are now on top of the investigation.

The incident happened particularly at Western Connecticut State University, located in Danbury. Printed on the flyers were hate messages like “Islam is right about women” and “It’s OK to be White”. Police are looking into a possible attack on a specific group of people mentioned in the flyers.

As of now, there is no clear detail on whether the slogans were created by students, staff, or someone from outside the campus.

Paul Steinmetz, university spokesperson quoted:

Local and state police as well as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) had began their investigation on the incident after school officials called their attention.

West Connecticut State University (WCSU) president issued the following statement regarding the incident:

Last night our university was subjected to random distribution of hate-filled flyers on its own campus. Despite the incident, I assure the community that a full scale police investigation is ongoing involving the local and state police and the FBI.

– Dr. John B. Clark

Incidents of hate-motivated crime in U.S colleges

The flyer incident in WCSU is similar to two other incidents at a Connecticut State University. Both incidents were also racist and hate-motivated in nature.

Two white students were also brought to court for yelling African-American racial slur outside campus apartments at the University of Connecticut. The accused were sentenced to 30-day jail imprisonment and a $50 fine. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) asked for the intervention of the University of Connecticut to impose stricter sanctions on the offenders to prevent similar instances from happening next time.

Last month at Yale University, a painting of a swastika symbol with the word “Trump” in it was found outside its law school building.

Police data shows that hate-motivated crimes were on a rise in multiple colleges and universities across the United States.