Hiring teachers online: The new norm for recruitment

Here are some tips on hiring teachers online effectively.

Hiring teachers remotely

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, going online seems to be the new normal this generation will have to deal with. Most countries are going full-time on online learning and setting aside the idea of physical learning for now.

In order to meet the demand for online learning, schools have started hiring teachers remotely. How can schools make hiring teachers efficient considering the lack of a  face to face interview? Here are five tips on how to effectively interview applicants online.

  1. Have an arranged set of questions
    Before jumping into an online interview, a set of prepared questions comes in very handy in making the transition of the interview smoother. For a panel interview, a script of who and what question to be asked can make the interview more formal and organized.
  2. Eliminate outside noise
    Be sure to conduct the interview in a quiet environment. Any background noise can cause a distraction and will probably interrupt the flow of the interview. Investing in a quality noise-canceling headphone is a good choice.
  3. Double-check materials to be used for the interview
    Before conducting an online interview, make sure that all programs and software to be used for the interview are up to date and disable all desktop notifications within the interview schedule. It will be such a distraction when an update notification pops out in the middle of an interview.
    Make sure all programs needed for the interview are prepared and working 100 percent. Always use licensed software and programs.
  4. Act as if its a face-to-face interview
    Practice the flow of the interview over and over again to make it more realistic to an actual face-to-face interview as possible. Minimize talking about the hardship of interviewing remotely and make the hiring stage as close to a physical interview. Make the candidate understand that students don’t need to be reminded of how difficult it is for them not to interact with their classmates physically during this pandemic.
  5. Discuss the morals and visions of the school
    Having a colleague take part in the interview to help relay his/her experience while working for the school will help the candidate understand what the school expects from teachers once hired.

In addition, the school should include a mock-up online learning class with a student to assess the performance of the candidate in a remote learning setup. Hiring teachers remotely will be the new normal during this pandemic.

“Stay home. Stay safe.”