Hong Kong proposes STEM curriculum although lacking its definition

Hong Kong’s proposal to improve its current curriculum and pack it with  Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) has been released. The making of the report started in 2017 and has now been submitted to the territory’s government for review. However, the report has a major problem, what is STEM? and what will a curriculum with STEM entail?

The task force that had been given the job re-examine the curriculum of the territory made a number of recommendations on what can be improved in Hong Kong’s primary and secondary schools curriculum. One theme that became dominant, and which the report boldly agree with is that the curriculum needed more STEM education to help improve the current lag of skills in the job market.

Hong Kong STEM curriculum proposals

The report, however, stated that the first step would be to define STEM and how it could be integrated into the education system. report also called for clear learning objectives of the curriculum change in both primary and secondary schools if STEM subjects are to be emphasized in the curriculum.

The report indicated that STEM education should not be implemented as a co-curricular subject, or wholly without putting into consideration other subjects that students are currently studying. To achieve this, the report suggested that there should be coordination between different subjects and how they articulate in the curriculum. Cultivation of a conducive school environment should also be given a priority to ensure that when STEM subjects are introduced, students are able to adapt to learning smoothly.

Coding was also suggested by the report as part of improving the curriculum. However, the report was also critical on the matter, saying that introduction of coding would need curriculum developers to cut the content of some subjects in the curriculum.

The report also indicated that teachers would need to be retrained in order to be able to adapt to the new curriculum that has integrated STEM content. They would also need to be trained on how to weave the STEM content into the curriculum.

However, the suggestion of adding more STEM content in the curriculum would be progress in Hong Kong. This is because of the growing requirement of STEM-related skills in the job market. integration of the system in Hong Kong will ensure that kids are well equipped at an early age.


Featured image by Pixabay