Hong Kong protests enters its 3rd day after a night of chaos

The Hong Kong protests have already resulted in the closure of schools and the transport system in the city. Protesters are demanding democracy in the region. China’s Communist Party is opposed to such a move in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong protests will enter its third straight day of public transport disruption in the central business district of the city. This comes amid heightened tensions between the protesters and police. The two groups engaged in a pitched battle across the city that lasted the entire night and protesters have vowed to continue with the planned protests today.

Effects of the Hong Kong protests

The battles between the protestors and the police have already resulted in multiple The Mass Transit Railway Corporation(MTR Corp) closing due to vandalism. Services that have already closed down include Mong Kok and Tuen Mun stations and the entire East Rail Line.

Commuters on Wednesday had already packed the first-morning hour trains in anticipation of disruptions of the transport system. The protests have also resulted in the closure of schools and halting of bus services across the city.

The Hong Kong protests have also intensified across the city following the death of a student due to injuries sustained while protesting. Protestors challenged the police not to use violence and vowed not to give in. They indicated that they would fight to ensure the city has democracy.

Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam, however, has condemned the protestors and urged them to stop these demonstrations. She said that she would not give in to the violent protests that have engulfed the city for the last five months.

The Communist Party leaders are standing behind her as she tries to resolve this crisis by offering support to her government. The state-run news agency Xinhua news, for instance, termed the black-clad protestors as terrorists. The continued by writing,

swept into a morbid state of bipolarism” over months of protest, it said, warning that “if this kind of oddity was allowed to continue society would be left with little time to correct itself.

The former British colonial demand for democracy has not been received well by the Communist Party and mainland China. There is a disdain for the movement in China who argues that Hong Kong is part of China. There is no solution in sight for these protests to end. The protestors have already vowed to continue with pro-democracy demonstrations.


Featured photo by Unsplash