Hong Kong students set to resume half classes amid COVID-19

As the world continues to grapple with the COVID19 pandemic, Hongkong students are set to resume half-day classes to minimize the rate of new infections. According to the Education Secretary, Kevin Yeung Yun schools reopening will be done in phases where the higher classes resume to schools first followed by the lower classes.

900,000 Hong Kong students to resume learning

Approximately 900,000 Hong Kong students broke forholiday in January before the start of the Lunar year but following the proliferation of coronavirus cases, schools remained shut with learners taking their online classes from home. The Hong Kong government seems to oppose the idea and does not require it.

While speaking on two radio programs, Yeung did not put off the idea that Hong Kong students would resume before summer. The cases of infections have reduced significantly in the last week and even though the reduced number is encouraging, health officials are warning that it is still early to declare that the decline in trend is established.

Education officials are set to meet school heads in the following weeks to discuss the possibility of Hong Kong students resumption. The issue of lunch for the kids will have to be considered as they resume classes because having joint meal sessions in schools is still risky.

The secretary reassured parents not to fret about their children missing on physical classes as they would recover in the following school calendar. Kids who missed their grade two classes will recover in grade three and grade four-course of learning.

Many school heads hope that the Hong Kong students will resume classes if the situation improves but teachers are checking on progress online.

Principals’ to check on students’ psychological state

Schools instructors are eager to determine the Hong Kong student’s psychological state as well as their enthusiasm for education so that they would head to breaks and resume a new year of schooling with positive outlooks.

Lion’s college principal, James Lam, reiterated that senior students should take their exams in 2021 and should return to class by May to recover the lost time. However, the parents’ spokeswoman, Rachel Tong, remarked that parents should understand the government directives for containing the viral pandemic. Tong said that majority of the parents still hope that learning in schools should resume under contained environment to avoid new coronavirus infections.

Featured image credits: Bing