How graduating seniors are being honored across the US during the lockdown

Schools, parents and communities are finding creative ways of honoring their graduating seniors. Online events and placing ads on dailies have become popular during this period of lockdown.

The disruption of coronavirus in the education sector has been significant with activities such as graduation facing uncertainty for this academic year. However, high schools across the US are finding creative ways to honor their seniors who are graduating this academic year.

Honoring graduating seniors

James Madison High School in Brooklyn has decided to honor their graduating class by laminating their yearbook headshots and hanging them on the fence for everyone to see. With an emphasis on social distancing in New York, the school creative handling of its graduations has showcased the extreme schools are willing to go to ensure their students have a great graduation ceremony.

Indianapolis graduations have also taken similar approaches to New York, where they have paid for advertisements in local papers and billboards. They have placed the graduating students on these ads along with motivational quotes.

In Arizona’s Flag Staff High School, adults have come up with a creative way of celebrating the graduating class by placing signposts on the yards of the graduating seniors. In Phoenix, seniors are driving to the schools to collect their caps and gowns and celebrating with school staff wearing a facemask to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

At Bioscience High School in Phoenix, they plan to hold a graduation ceremony where parents and students will congregate in school parking lots and stay in their cars during the whole process. Later, the students will proceed to collect their diplomas through a massive balloon arch and they will also get a chance to take a photograph with the school mascot.

There will also be online events honoring the graduating students with Former President Barrack Obama promising to address the students in an online event. Others who have pledged their support for high school seniors include Oprah Winfrey and LeBron James who will also hold online events.


Featured image by Pixabay