Horrible bus accident in China killed 21 students bound for gaokao exams

A horrible bus accident in China cost the lives of at least 21 high school students.

Horrible bus accident caught in CCTV

Tuesday, a horrible bus accident transpired in the streets of South-west China, killing 21 passengers onboard. A bus bringing high school students to take the annual “Gaokao exams” was caught in CCTV, making a sudden turn towards the opposite side of the road and plunging right into the lake.

The Horrible bus accident took place in Anshun City, Guizhou Province, China, around noon. Based on CCTV footage, the bus was traversing the road at normal speed before making a tight turn towards the opposite lane and straight into the road railings, plunging straight into Hongshan Lake.

Students involved in the horrible bus accident are about to take their annual “Gaokao exams.” More than ten million Chinese secondary students have started taking the annual college entrance exams in more than 400 thousand classrooms across China.

The depth of the Hongshan lake took more than 200 rescue volunteers to help recover the bus along with the students trapped inside. Fifty-five professional divers also helped in the search and rescue mission.

Fifteen passengers were rescued with injuries but gratefully survived the horrific accident.

Rainfall in China

In other news, the Hubei Province of China has been placed in a high emergency level due to extreme rainfall that has caused flash floods in different areas of the province.

The “Gaokao exams”  in the Hubei Province is temporarily postponed due to the high alert level. Residents are advised to stay at home to avoid inconvenience and risk of accidents due to the heavy downpour of rain.