How blockchain humor can save your life

Have you ever felt the uncontrollable urge to laugh, and you suddenly burst into a fit of giggles? Side splitting uncontrollable laughter? Like when you see the price of Bitcoin plummet? Yet, for all of bitcoin’s volatility, blockchain has made phenomenal concepts possible.

Blockchain humor can actually save your life. Currently trending are crypto jokes, crypto memes, bitcoin jokes and bitcoin memes which criticize the state of affairs in the blockchain and crypto industry. Such self-reflections never fail to lift a dark mood and leave a smile even when things are getting pretty serious.

blockchain humor

Deepak Chopra says the healthiest response to life is laughter. Is there any truth behind the old adage that “laughter is the best medicine.”?

Dr. Gulshan Sethi, head of cardiothoracic surgery at the Tucson Medical Center and faculty at the University of Arizona’s Center for Integrative Medicine says that:

Laughter activates the body’s natural relaxation response. It’s like internal jogging, providing a good massage to all internal organs while also toning abdominal muscles

Meme trends on toilet paper hoarding and alternatives jokes gave people a reason to laugh instead of panic at the start of the chaotic pandemic. Reflecting on your own initial reaction could be so funny – if not sad – due to your unbelief that precious supplies are running out. FOMO applies to toilet paper as to bitcoin.

I know I’ve personally felt a release or rejuvenated after watching a side-splittingly funny movie, if I’ve been feeling particularly tense. Have you? But the question is…

Can we find humor in blockchain?

blockchain humor

Try this one (paraphrased)

Bitcoin Trader: What is a million years like to you?

God: Like one second.

Bitcoin Trader: What is a million Bitcoin like to you?

God: Like one penny.

Bitcoin Trader: Can I have a penny?

God: Just a second …

CoinMarketCap’ website has seen Bitcoin consistently dominate it’s list firmly at the top, but on April Fools Day this year, Bitcoin was “dethroned” in a surprise move by a new coin – the Toilet Paper Token (TPT).

While the token supply is out of stock (maybe you were one of the stock pilers), CoinMarketCap has gone as far as to publish a rather detailed TPT Whitepaper on its blog. 

Your right to wipe, now tokenized, the catchy tagline reads. 

Many scientific studies have found that laughter can have healing properties; and, be careful… it’s contagious. 

No mask needed for blockchain humor

Here are six reasons why you should start laughing immediately (if you want to stay healthy)

Laughter is contagious so beware

If you see two people laughing at a joke you didn’t hear, chances are you will smile anyway, even if you don’t realize it. Laughter is contagious: the brain responds to the sound of laughter and instructs your facial muscles to respond appropriately.

Question: Why doesn’t Superman mine Monero?

Answer: Because he’s afraid of CryptoNight.

Laughter boosts immunity and costs less than a vaccine

Negative thoughts can manifest into chemical reactions, (Mayo Clinic), that affect your body by bringing more stress into your system and decreasing your immune system. How would you combat this? Try positive thoughts, which can release neuropeptides that help reduce stress.

Knock Knock.

Who’s there?


Satoshi who?


Laughter reduces the stress response (Fight, Flight or…Laugh?)

When you get stressed, your body tenses up. When you laugh, you take in more oxygen-rich air. This stimulates your lungs, heart and muscles. A good laugh can relieve physical tension in the body and relax the muscles for up to 45 minutes (does this mean I can have a good laugh in place of yoga class?)

Question: How many miners does it take to change a lightbulb?

Answer: A million – One to do it and 999,999 to verify that he did.

Laughter increases resilience

Laughter releases endorphins which can generate a sense of wellbeing and a positive mindset. Mindset as we know, is the key to a good life. Similarly, laughter decreases stress hormone levels and allows your body to automatically relax. 

Question: How do you make a small fortune from investing in Bitcoin?

Answer: Start off by investing a large fortune in Bitcoin.

Laughter combats depression

Studies support laughter as a great way to get outside the downward spiral to depression. Being unhappy can become a pattern or mindset if we don’t step outside of ourselves occasionally. 

Question: What kind of car will you never see a bitcoiner driving?

Answer: A fiat

Laughter relieves pain

People who are laughing don’t experience less pain, but laughter can alleviate the pain in the moment – it can help a person overcome discomfort. You don’t even need funny bones to get the message in a meme worth a thousand words.

blockchain humor

Question: Why won’t the government embrace bitcoin?

Answer: They hate the idea of a ‘Proof Of Work’.

Laughter really is the best medicine…after a Bitcoin boom that is!! Haha!